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Camp No 42
Date / Time: 15th December 2019 (09:00 AM – 04:00 PM)
Venue: Idara Yateem Khana Dar-ul-Uloom Tadress Ul Quran Near Police Line UC Urban Malikpura Tehsil & District Abbottabad.
A-PKC Team Members:
1.Dr.Muhammad Ibrahium Medical Officer- PKC.
2..Mr.Sajid Razaq Bio Medical Technician-PKC
3. Mr.Noman Rasheed Lab Technologist -PKC
4.Mr.Shaoor Iqbal Coordinator Camp-PKC
5.Mr. Mr.Sohail Yaqoob Driver-PKC
6. Mr.Muhammad Javed Khan Janitorial Staff-PKC
7.Mr.Mudassar Mehmood (Assistant Pharmacist)
8.Mr.Umar Zaman Internee-PKC Lab
B-External Team
1.Mr.Muhammad Tanveer Lab Technologist AMA Abbottabad
C- Institution Supported Members:
1.Mr.Muhammad Sajid Awan Chairman Cell No 0314-5013319,0304-9955700
Reported by :Mr.Shaoor Iqbal dated 22nd December 2019.
Special thanks paid to Mr.Muhammad Sajid Awan & his team to conducted camp successfully.
Total Patients: 121
Total No of Patients provided Lab Investigations: 50
Total No of Labortory Test performed: 57
(CBC 38 Electrophosis Nil Urine R/E 12, Blood Sugar 04, Serum Creatinine 03 HB% Total 57
Total No of Patients provided free medications: 121
Total No of Referred Cases : 22
(PKC Urological and Renal 02, Miscellaneous Referred Patients to Ayub Hospital Complex Abbottabad 20)
Key Clinical Notes: The mostly Patients came with the following diseases ie,
1. Scabies/Skin Rashes/Urticaria/Pruitis/Eczema
2.Pain Epigastrium/Dyspepsia/Gastritis/Stomach discomfort/GERD
2.Calcium,VitD ,Iron and Vitamins Deficiency in young adult.
3. Generalized Body Ache(GBA)/LBA/Athralagia/Myalgia/Pain Knee Joints
4. Gender segregated analysis:
Gender Patients Percentage %
Men 24 19.83
Women 13 02.47
Male Child(Below 18) 79 65.28
Female Child (Below 18) 05 4.13
Total 121 100%

Disease Wise Analysis:
Disease Cases Percentage
Anemia in Children & Women 0.00 0.00
Thalesemia Minor Diagnosed 0.00 0.00
Renal and Urological cases 08 05.29
Diabetes Mellitus Cases 03 01.98
Hypertension 4 02.64
Others Diseases 131 86.75
Total 151 100

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