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Camp No 43
Date / Time: 11th January 2020 (09:30 AM – 05:00 PM)
Venue: Residence Chowdery Sajjad Village Mahmadah Tehsil Havelian District Abbottabad.
A-PKC Team Members:
1.Dr.Muhammad Ibrahium Medical Officer- PKC.
2..Mr.Jamail Khan Electrician & Building Technician-PKC
3. Mr.Noman Rasheed Lab Technologist -PKC
4.Mr.Shaoor Iqbal Coordinator Camp-PKC
5.Mr. Mr.Sohail Yaqoob Driver-PKC
6. Mr.Shahbaz Ali Janitorial Staff-PKC
7.Mr.Mudassar Mehmood (Assistant Pharmacist)
B-External Team
1.Mr.Muhammad Usman Paid Volunteer- Lab
C- Institution Supported Members:
1.Mr.Chowdry Masood Ex: Nazim VC Langra Cell No 0341-7575575
Reported by :Mr.Shaoor Iqbal dated 16th January 2020.
Special thanks paid to Mr.Chowdry Masood & his team to conducted camp successfully.
Total Patients: 261
Total No of Patients provided Lab Investigations: 97
Total No of Labortory Test performed: 112
(CBC 48 Electrophosis Nil Urine R/E 32, Blood Sugar 26, Serum Creatinine 06 HB% Total 112)
Total No of Patients provided free medications: 261
Total No of Referred Cases : 28
(PKC Urological and Renal 05, Miscellaneous Referred Patients to Ayub Hospital Complex Abbottabad 23)
Key Clinical Notes: The mostly Patients came with the following diseases ie,
1.Scabies/Skin Rashes/Urticaria/Pruitis/Eczema
2.Pain Epigastrium/Dyspepsia/Gastritis/Stomach discomfort/GERD
2.Calcium,VitD ,Iron and Vitamins Deficiency in young adult.
3. Generalized Body Ache(GBA)/LBA/Athralagia/Myalgia/Pain Knee Joints

4. Gender segregated analysis:
Gender Patients Percentage %
Men 34 13.02
Women 160 61.30
Male Child(Below 18) 26 9.96
Female Child (Below 18) 41 15.70
Total 261 100%

Disease Wise Analysis:
Disease Cases Percentage
Anemia in Children & Women 48 11.88
Thalesemia Minor Diagnosed Still in process 0.00
Renal and Urological cases 45 11.17
Diabetes Mellitus Cases 21 05.19
Hypertension 69 17.07
Others Diseases 221 54.70
Total 404 100

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