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Pakistan Kidney Center Documentary

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Pakistan Welfare Society


Pakistan Welfare Society (PWS) was established in 2006 by Pakistani doctors and community members based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. This was in response to the devastating Earthquake in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir in October 2005. The primary aim is to support the community both locally and in Pakistan. PWS was registered as a trust in Islamabad – Pakistan in 2007 (Registration No. 1873/1/2020 dated 10/04/07). Since then PWS has been participating in welfare and relief activities in Pakistan. PWS is also conducting various welfare activities for Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia including regular fortnightly free medical camp in Jeddah, KSA.

PWS trust has decided to establish Pakistan Kidney Center (PKC) in 2012 Abbottabad-one of the remote and under privileged area of Pakistan. The primary aim of PKC was to provide screening and treatment of kidney diseases including hemodialysis. 

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Pakistan Kidney Center

Aims & Objectives

In developing countries like Pakistan many patients die of kidney failure because they cannot afford the treatment or they are unaware of their progressive kidney failure. With early diagnosis and prevention/treatment of kidney failure, patient can have a normal life.

The out patient department and Renal Dialysis Unit of PKC is started to provide free services to eligible deserving patients since May 2015. To offset the cost of this service, the center is also catering to paying patients.

The proposed area of coverage of PKC includes Hazara Division of KP province on one end and Muzaffarabad (AJK) on the other end, with estimated population of 10 million.

Treatment facilities are focused mainly on kidney diseases which can ultimately lead to kidney failure and already established kidney diseases requiring life saving treatment like hemodialysis.