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Outreach Health Screening (OHS) Program

An Initiative of Pakistan Kidney Centre (Project of Pakistan Welfare Society Trust)

Quality healthcare services are scarce in rural areas of KPK Province of Pakistan, especially in the Abbottabad-Hazara Division. People are not just exposed to a large number of health risks, they do not know about these risks and hence are unable to avert them. Health screening is vital to detect diseases, many of which do not produce early warning signs. These common risks include diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Community outreach program of PKC is very important tool for bridging the gaps between discovery and delivery of quality health services to the rural poor population. It is a combination of community sensitization campaign about health risks, simple health tests, and early treatment. Main goal of the PKC Outreach Health Screening (OHS) Program is to provide health education and basic screening services especially kidney diseases related risk factors to the underserved communities, people of rural area of Hazara division of KPK Province and adjacent area of Kashmir. This is going to unique initiative in primary healthcare of Pakistan by an NGO under the Mission of “Early Detection Saves Lives” to achieve following objectives.

1. To carry out early diagnosis and basic treatment of major health catastrophes including renal failure.

2. To bring basic healthcare facilities at the doorstep of the rural poor, marginalized groups and heard-to-reach communities.

3. To decrease the burden on tertiary healthcare facilities by screening and preventing life threatening diseases at primary healthcare level with the support of non-government resources.

4. To strengthen the health awareness aimed to provide communities with knowledge on prevention, early diagnoses and treatment of health issues.

The above objectives will be achieved through implementation of following interventions:

1. Mobile Health Unit:

                              The PKC has acquired a state-of-the-art mobile health unit with costing of PKR 5.7 million. The Outreach Health Screening Program through the mobile health unit is established and launch on 28th November 2016. That is utilized for free medical camps to be arranged at Basic Health Units(BHU) in rural areas of Hazara division and adjacent areas of Kashmir on periodic basis. Focus will be on basic screening and early detection of risk factors of renal failure. It will provide free medicines for common diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and renal stones etc. The Mobile Health Unit is well equipped to carry out basic tests. Competent health professionals and paramedics will operate it.

2. Screening:

                    Screening of diseases causing kidney failure will be done by clinical examination, random blood sugar levels, serum creatinine and urine analysis free of charge.

3. Referrals to PKC Abbottabad:

                    Selected patients who need further investigation for diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases will be referred to the Pakistan Kidney Centre (PKC) for necessary follow up.

4. Community Awareness:

                      With leaflet and audio-video assistance, knowledge about common health problems especially diseases causing kidney failure will be delivered to the rural population. Health seminars will also be organized at basic health unit level. Local radio stations and social media will be used to sensitize communities about a range of health risks leading to renal failure. More importantly, community leaders, Imams of mosques, school teachers, and union council representatives will be engaged to get the message across the communities.

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