Muhssan asked 2 years ago

Doctor removed my left kidney give me some tips for my health Its non fuctional kideny so doctor removed i madinah saudi arabia

1 Answers
Dr M N Ali answered 2 years ago

Thank you for your question! It seems like you have had non functional kidney There are multiple causes for a kidneys to malfunction including infection (chronic), reflux and some times chronic progression of kidney disease. It’s not clear what the cause has been with your kidney and why was it removed! People can live with one kidney, you need to ensure you get your kidney functions not only checked but also monitored! You need to adopt a healthy life style, ensure you get your blood pressure checked, any infections or dehydration looked into and avoid medications including pain killers like NSAIDS that may damage kidney functions. I would also suggest drinking water is crucial. I trust this helps with your query!!