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Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — The October 2005 earthquake in North Pakistan shook everybody in the region. Huge loss of lives and properties across 200 towns was simply irreparable and still haunts many. It also left an indelible mark in one individual.

The incident deeply moved Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, senior physician and kidney specialist, at the King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah since 1999. Hailing from Abbottabad, Dr. Khalil ur Rahman, showing extraordinary zeal, promptly managed to donate an ambulance to the earthquake disaster recovery authorities.

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Jeddah Blog

A great number of social welfare projects are being carried out in Jeddah, and especially with Ramadan coming up, Jeddah Blog would like to highlight the excellent work being done by the Pakistan Welfare Society in Jeddah. Rohail Khan, senior banker and philanthropist sends us this report on the free medical camps conducted by the PWS not only in Jeddah and its surrounding areas, but also its tireless efforts in building a free Kidney Centre in Pakistan.

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