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Report on Annual Function on Pakistan Kidney Centre and Lecture on Healthy Ramadan:

The Pakistan Welfare Society (PWS) Jeddah organized its second annual dinner to spread awareness about the Pakistan Kidney Centre PKC), its flagship charity project in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The dinner was held on Friday July 05, 2013 in Lasani Spinzer Hotel, Madinah Road, Jeddah. The dinner was attended by a number of key figures and social personalities including Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khokhar (Consular General of Pakistan in Jeddah), Mr. Khaled Al-Maeena (Head, Saudi Gazette), Mr. Azad Iqbal (Grandson of Allama Mohamed Iqbal), Mr. Syed Tahseemul Haq Haqqi (Vice Consul, Welfare, Consulate General of Pakistan), and Mr. Masood Javed among others.

Dr. Shams ur RehmanToor made an introductory presentation about the Pakistan Kidney Centre (PKC) and told the participants about the salient features of the project, the services it would offer, and the people it would serve. Dr. Toor also noted that the PKC would be the first specialized kidney hospital in the area, offering modern diagnostic and treatment facilities to the poor and deserving free of cost. He noted that the project would be fully functional in December 2014 whereas its Out Patient Department (OPD) and the Mobile Field Hospital would be launched in March 2014.

In his presentation, Dr. Khalil ur Rehman, President PWS and Director PKC, told the participants about updates on the project development. He noted that SAR 750,000 had been raised since July 2013 for the PKC. After the foundation stone of the PKC was laid down by Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on December 02, 2013, about SAR 400,000 (PKR 9.5 million) had already been spent on the construction work of the foundation and the ground floor. He also highlighted that about PKR 8 million would be spent on construction work until September 2013. Dr. Khalil ur Rehman also stressed that a complete record was being maintained for donations as well as expenditures for the PKC. He called for greater cooperation from the Pakistani community in Jeddah and requested the people to come forward to contribute generously to the project that would cost about PKR 172 million to be fully functional (PKR 61 million for construction; PKR 51 million for medical equipment; and PKR 60 million for operational expenses of the first year).

Mr. Masood Jawaid, a well-known community figure in Jeddah also highlighted the importance of charity and giving in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith. He called upon the participants to come forth and give their generous share for PKC. He also auctioned the personal wrist watch which Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khokhar (Consul General of Pakistan in Jeddah) had generously offered as a donation for PKC. Wife of the Consul General, Mrs. Afshan Aftab Khokher, also came to the stage and presented the donation to Dr. Khalil ur Rehman on behalf of the Ladies Club. At this occasion, the participants of the event were invited to make pledges for donations for the PKC. A generous spirit and enthusiasm was observed among the participants who announced a total of about SAR 400,000 pledges for the PKC.

Mr. Khaled Al-Maeena, Head Saudi Gezette, also gave an inspirational speech in which he did not only offered his full support to the PKC but also expressed his willingness to knock at the doors of wealthy philanthropists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to contribute the PKC. He highlighted that projects like the PKC were much needed in Pakistan and that the Pakistani expatriate needed to play a stronger role in accomplishing such projects.

Towards the end, the Chief Guest, Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khokher, Consul General of Pakistan, addressed the gathering. He offered his full support for the PKC and expressed a hope that the PKC would be accomplished during his tenure as Consul General in Jeddah. He also maintained that he would continue to advocate the cause of the PKC and take personal interest in ensuring that the project sees the light of the day.

Dr. Amjad Obiad, Secretary General PWS, also took the stage and called upon business community of Pakistanis in Jeddah to contribute to the noble cause of the PKC. He highlighted that the PKC was not an individual project, it was an endeavor of the Pakistani community in Jeddah and that every Pakistani here needed to own the project and contribute, however small.

The PWS had also arranged a lecture on “Healthy Ramadan” in which Dr. NaqiIdrees, Consultant Nephrologist (King Faisal Specialist Hospital), gave very useful tips about keeping a healthy diet and routine during the holy month of Ramadan.

In the end, Dr. Khalil ur Rehman thanked the participants for taking time and participating in the event. He urged everyone in the hall to spread the word and mobilize resources for the PKC. He also announced that more fundraising functions would be organized for the PKC in UAE, UK, USA, and in Pakistan.

The event ended with a traditional Pakistani dinner.

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You can download the  presentation presented in the event with the updates on PKC July 2013, below:


Video of the Urdu version of the presentation

Video of the English version of the presentation

The video of construction work at the PKC site


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