Hemodialysis Unit

PKC offers hemodialysis treatment. We have 16 brand new dialysis machines. They have been imported from Germany at a cost of $12000 per machine. All the costs were paid by our generous donors. The first hemodialysis was performed on 4th May,15. Today, dialysis is offered in 3 shifts on all weekdays. Dialysis is done by the qualified and trained dialysis technicians. Dialysis is performed in a very hygienic and professional way. All the deserving patients are offered free dialysis services with the help of our donors. The total cost of dialysis per patient is 50,000 if dialyzed twice a week and 70,000 if dialyzed thrice a week.

Daily Rounds by expert doctors on all patients, all medicine including vaccination is available and is provided to all patients, separate room for patient with hepatitis C & B, monthly lab test are done on patient to asses quality and advocacy of dialysis.

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