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About 10 million people suffer from various kidney related diseases in Pakistan. Basic reason for abundance of kidney related diseases in Pakistan is poor health system which includes lack of awareness and treatment of diseases like diabetes, hypertension and kidney stones etc. Which are major causes of kidney failure. There is a Lack of dialysis treatment facilities in the government hospitals with long waiting time. Most of patients requiring dialysis treatment die within few months-year due to the poor quality of dialysis in public hospitals. Dialysis in the private sector is unaffordable for most poor. Recognizing the need for specialized kidney hospitals in the rural areas of Pakistan, the Pakistan Welfare Society (PWS) envisioned the Pakistan Kidney Center, the first charity kidney hospital in the area of Abbottabad-Hazara Division of KPK province.

As one of the leading kidney diseases treatment centre in Pakistan, we are on a mission to save kidneys and save lives. Kidney diseases are ruining the lives of millions of people across the country. Let’s join hands to stop it, now.

Every year, 20,000 people die due to kidney failure. To help the patients, Pakistan Kidney Centre was founded in 2015 under the umbrella of the Pakistan Welfare Society trust. Patient welfare society (PWS) UK joined hands to support PKC in 2016.

As kidney failure is rising each year, we are more essential than ever. Only early diagnosis and proper treatment can help patients to avoid chronic kidney diseases and live a normal life. That’s what we are striving for.

We are committed to providing state-of-the-art medical care to kidney patients, especially those who need it the most. Together with our valuable donors, we are providing free OPD services, Renal dialysis, kidney stones treatment including surgeries, lab examinations, digital x-ray services, and medicines without any charges to 70% of our patients, with our highly qualified Nephrologists, Urologist and modern facilities.

Our objectives are: 
  • Providing quality medical service to kidney patients from all over Pakistan.
  • Providing free of cost treatments and consultations to deserving patients. 
  • Spreading awareness about risk factors causing kidney diseases and how kidney patients can avoid chronic stages of ailments and live a normal life.
  • Focusing on modern techniques of diagnosis and treatments. 
  • Researching on causes of kidney diseases so preventive strategies can be adopted.
  • Installing all the modern equipment to provide state of the art treatment to kidney patients.

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Our Impact

Our actions will change the future of kidney patients especially in the north of Pakistan (underserved areas of Pakistan). With total support to our patients, we are aiming for a brighter and bolder impact. In the next ten years, with your continuous support, we will give people the power to live better and stronger with kidney ailments

We are improving the lives of kidney patients by:

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Land Cost

The land (11,184 sq feet) worth of 10 million PKR was donated by the founder trustee of PWS trust and transferred to Pakistan welfare society trust to build PKC. It is located on Shahrah Resham (Karakoram Highway) at Havelian/ Abbottabad interchange on Hazara motorway, just a few kilometers from Abottabad city and 1.15 hrs drive from Islamabad.

Construction Cost

Ground and 1st floor of PKC has been completed in 2015 with the cost of 70 million PKR . The total cost of the construction was managed by donations from overseas Pakistanis.

Equipment Cost

30 million PKR were arranged by donors to buy 14 HemoDialysis Machines, Ultrasound, X-Ray machines and setting up the Laboratory, pharmacy, and other infrastructure of PKC to make it functional in 2015.

Mobile Health Unit Cost

In 2016 mobile health unit with the worth of 5.5 million was purchased with the help of 2 generous donors to run the outreach screening program.

Modular Operation Theater and Urology Equipment Cost

In 2018 work on modular OT and related accessories was started and endourological equipment was purchased in 2019 and 2020 And day surgery unit becomes operational in November 2020 to provide treatment for kidney stones and tumors. The total cost of this facility was 35millionPKR and it was beard by our donors.

Running Cost

It is around 2.5 MILLION PKR per month, It includes cost for Dialysis disposable, Staff salaries, Utility bills etc.

Finance Resource

They will include donations, both within Pakistan and from abroad, income generated by the center from paying patients, sponsorship for patient’s treatment for example hemodialysis from the zakat fund, and development of an endowment fund. We are getting some financial support for dialysis patient from Pakistan Baitulmal and zakat council of KPK

How to sponsor a patient?

PKC provides free medical treatment and services to 70% of its walk-in patients. You can support needy patients through sponsoring them. You can sponsor their treatment, tests, and medicines. You can easily deposit money for deserving kidney patients in order to facilitate them. We spend every penny on the betterment of kidney patients.

Become a Donor and Save Lives

Every penny counts that makes it possible to revolutionize the lives of kidney patients in Pakistan.

Future Plans

The treatment of kidney ailments is evolving all over the world. Let’s strive together to make it happen in Pakistan as well. 

With modern interventions and treatments, we are aiming to provide ultimate support to kidney patients.  In the near future, kidney patients will be diagnosed earlier and treated better to stop kidney failure, altogether. 

To help kidney patients live a better life, Pakistan Kidney Centre is continuously evolving. Our future plans include:

New Renal Replacement Therapy

For now, we are providing hemodialysis service. But in the future, we are going to start peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplant in the nephrology program as other options of renal replacement therapy.

Developing Kidney Research Department

With thorough research about kidney diseases, especially kidney stones and kidney diseases running in the family. we will be able to encounter the ailments in a much better way. The in-depth research will allow Nephrologists to prevent chronic kidney diseases that result in kidney failure.

In Patient Facility and ICU

We are planning to start 50 bedded inpatient facility with stat of the art ICU for patients who need hospitalizations for their ailments. In the next few years, our patients will be treated with modern techniques to make their lives better.

Center of excellence for kidney stone management

Kidney stone are one of the leading causes of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, but it is a preventable cause if diagnosed and treated early.

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About PWS

Pakistan Welfare society was initially established in Jeddah KSA by like-minded overseas Pakistanis to serve the Pakistani community in the form of free medical camps and other social welfare activities. Subsequently, PWS is registered as a trust under the trust act in Islamabad to serve back home especially in under privilege people in underserved areas of Pakistan. In 2012 PKC foundation stone was laid down and it became operational in 2015.

PWS and PKC joint mission

Patient welfare society UK joined hands with Pakistan welfare society trust to support PKC in 2016.

Kidney patients from all over Pakistan can get free consultation and treatment in PKC. Underprivileged patients are provided with dialysis, modern lab tests, and medicines free of cost. This has been possible with the help of PWS and our other kind donors.

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Board of Management of PKC

Dr. Khalil ur Rehman

Consultant Nephrologist/CEO PKC

Eng. Khalid Mehmood Zia

Board Member

Eng. Mohammad Mansha

Board Member

Dr. Farook Rashid Farooki

Board Member

Eng. Anwar Anjum

Board Member

Mohammad Younus Sattar

Board Member

Adv. Saleem Iqbal

Board Member

Dr. Amjad Obaid

Board Member

Dr. Nasim Mahmood

Board Member

Dr. Anas Khalil

Board Member

Dr. Shaharyar Jawad

Board Member

Mr. Shahid Qadir

Board Member

Mr. Anwar Saeed

Board Member

Dr. Muhammad Shakil Sadiq

Board Member

Dr. Shams Ur Rehman Toor

Board Member

Mr. Shahid Qadir

Board Member

Mr. Anwar Saeed

Board Member